The French brand launched in 2004, has already attracted great attention and popularity among fashion lovers. Iro's clothing is inspired by the music, and is designed to be easy and natural - while the simple clothes makes it easy to transform from day to night. Iro is for the modern woman who wants to stand out in the crowd and create her own expression. The cool and raw rock'n'roll vibe permeates Iro's designs, while also making use of bohemian feminine silhouettes. If you are not yet experienced with the brand that all fashionistas long for - it's about time.


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Rock chick meets French elegance

A love for music is the whole foundation of this modern rock chick brand. The brand draws inspiration from a slightly grungy aesthetic and develops cool and accessible clothes. Iro's skinny jeans and biker leather jackets are perennial bestsellers; they are items that never go out of fashion. Founded by French brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton in 2004, Iro perfects the combination of the cool and effortless street fashion with a Parisian spirit. Make this brand your go-to when you're going to find the perfect jacket or dress. At Youheshe, we love the fresh but feminine approach that the label has for classic pieces. It's street fashion meets euro chic, there are collections of basic tops, dresses and jackets. The brand's edginess and cool design are inspired by Laurent's short time as a singer for a New York rock band. Leather jackets are loosely tailored and by matching Iro’s skinny jeans with an oversized knit, you get the perfect rock star look.

The fusion between the idyllic and the raw

The collections from Iro always have a cool and relaxed vibe, and New York's street scene is always a big part of its identity. The clothes are chic, raw and sophisticated, and the brand manages, time after time, to find a nice balance here. The Iro woman is confident, feminine but also has an edgeyness. She matches her boho-flared dress with a raw leather jacket or her basic loose-cut tee with a nice blazer and skinny jeans. For the Iro women it’s about mixing and matching, so you get something from both worlds; raw and feminine. The brand appeals to the modern woman who wants to stand out from the crowd, and create her own expression. It’s impressive how this brand blends two different styles, the idyllic and the raw, yet creating collections with a common thread. On the one hand, the brand makes the most beautiful dresses, shirts and skirts, all with beautiful lace and flannel details, and on the other hand, boots, casual stonewashed denim bikers and bombers. So you can choose to be one or the other, but you can also mix it so you get a little bit of each.

At Youheshe we have a nice selection from Iro

If you are missing the perfect summer dress, then a cool boho dress from Iro, is just the case. There are elegant dresses that embrace summer and idyll. The brand also offers skirts and shirts in the most beautiful print that can be used for everyday and formal occasions. At you can find your new jacket, shirt, denim pants, T-shirts and more from Iro.

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