Designers Remix

The Danish brand Designers Remix was founded in 2002 by the Danish designer Charlotte Eskildsen. Architectural approches are a part of the design process, while her unique designs celebrates the minimalism, 3D tailoring as well as feminine draping and cutting. She is inspired by raw streetstyle, danish design icons and danish functionalism in her collections. She targets the Scandinavian woman who appreciate minimalic and functionalistic clothing with an edgy touch.

Designers Remix

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A Scandinavian design

Designers Remix is ​​a Danish fashion house that has existed since 2002. It’s designer Charlotte Eskildsen and her husband Niels Eskildsen, who is behind this innovative brand. Charlotte Eskildsen designs edgy collections for sophisticated women with confidence and strength. Here she creates items that expel the line between sharp minimalism and romantic femininity. So if you appreciate minimalism with an edge, this brand is just for you. Designers Remix has managed to evolve into a global name in over 400 stores across Europe, and in 2012 they even won the prestigious category "Brand of the Year" at Danish Fashion Awards. For this brand, it is about creating feminine and characteristic designs. Charlotte Eskildsen believes that every day can be a joy. It comes from within and it's about feeling beautiful.

Fashion that lasts for decades

Charlotte Eskildsen's goal, with each collection, is to make women feel beautiful when wearing her clothes. She wants to create "eternal elements", fashion that lasts for decades. It's design, made for positive and sophisticated women. It’s for curious women with a desire for life and a willingness to explore their own opposites. There is something for all age groups, impress your next event in a beautiful dress, classic skirt or one shoulder top. You can never go wrong with a dress, from this beautiful brand. There are both dresses for everyday use and formal occasions, as well as dresses you can transform from daytime to nighttime by combining a pair of raw boots or scarves. Designers Remix also makes cool pants that are perfect for everyday life, and here you can find jeans, dress pants, jeggings and sweatpants. Accessories are also worth mentioning, as Designers Remix makes pouches and tote bags in the finest leather. The beautiful pouches can be used for festive occasions or when you're out and can’t be bothered with big bag. The tote bags are large, open and spacious, they can be used for any kind of use, from beach trips, shopping trips or as a school bag.

At Youheshe we love timeless design

If you are into quality and timeless design, Designers Remix is ​​your go-to brand. The brand features super beautiful dresses, romantic tops but also raw hoodies, sporty jackets and leather jackets. At, we have a large selection of clothing and accessories from this popular Scandinavian brand. If you need to make your wardrobe spring ready, we strongly recommend that you do it with items from Designers Remix.

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