Acne Studios

Acne Studios was established in 1997 and started out as a jeans brand only. Today Acne Studios is still very well-known for their amazing timeless jeans, in various perfect fits. But since 1997, Acne has experimented alot with their expressions in their now very innovative and expressive design. Today Acne is not only known for their jeans, but is also particularly known for their cool and raw leather products, their amazing luxurious knits and also their noisy playful seasonal collections.

Acne Studios


Acne Studios creates innovative and expressive designs

Acne Studios is a Swedish fashion house, which was established in 1997 and started as a pure jeans brand. Today they are still very well known for their cool timeless jeans, in various perfect fits. But it’s a brand that has always experimented with its look, and today its not only known for making denim jeans, but also particularly known for its cool and raw leather goods, chunky luxurious knits and scarves. Besides their basics, they are also known for their loud and playful seasonal products. For each year, Acne presents something new and innovative, that's why we, at Youheshe, are happy to have Acne Studios.

Scarves, T-shirts and shoes in creative versions from Acne Studios

 The collections from Acne Studios contain timeless designs in the form of boots, shoes, scarves and jackets but also showpieces with expressionist, innovative and colorful looks in cool materials. Here classical features are twisted and turned into something creative and original. This results in collections that have a mix of edginess, simplicity and elegance. One can clearly see that it is a brand that is inspired by art, literature and music. Therefore, for each season, you see artistic expressions on their sweatshirts, T-shirts, dresses, etc. this makes Acne a versatile brand, and no matter what style you have, you will always find a cool style that's just right for you. Find your perfect scarf, statement sneakers or a jacket that never goes out of fashion.

Youheshe has Acne Studios online

At Youheshe we have a large selection of Acne online and in our shop in Copenhagen, where shoes, sweatshirts and jackets constitute favorites of many of our customers. Acne Studios has an exclusive grip on quality and fit, but it is especially their ability to surprise season after season, which really shows how dedicated they are in the fashion industry. The brand is constantly evolving and always managing to satisfy its customers. On our online shop, you will find exclusive jackets in suede and leather, sweatshirts, jeans, lovely knit and much more from Acne. There is something for everyone. We strive to have all styles, colors and sizes in stock, so if you need a style of a particular size or color, please don’t hesitate to write to us. And if you want to see a certain style, you can stop by our lovely shop in Copenhagen, where we are always ready to help.
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